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  • This week in history

    Y’all doing last supper before crucifixion Friday and resurrecting Sunday Have a blessed day and think of Christ in chains next to Barabbas and they say pick left or right meanwhile behind the curtain Judas contemplating suicide. Several claiming they don’t know the prisoner, while people that knew nothing offered water 💦 and comfort along…

  • Fair at the fair

  • Valerie

  • Future starts now

    What If Your Child Had the Opportunity to Reach Their Full Potential?

  • Meet and greet

    I’m going in the trenches where they will tell me to quit, to walk away, to give up. They will say things like this ain’t for you, and nobody wants you here. They will ask me to demoralize yourself, pick up other people’s trash and sit behind the table. They will meet and greet and…

  • What’s the plan?

    The plan of the day! This single tool transforms everything.

  • All things google

    Well, your Google traffic is either going up from today or it is going down. Google has announced today the first broad core algorithm update in 6 months. The highest your website can rank in Google is determined by how high-quality your website is and how on-point your intent is with every page on your…

  • Willingness

    Your will is part of your willingness.

  • The truth