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  • Putting pieces and people together

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  • Our youth and our senior citizens.

    Our youth and our senior citizens can enjoy our environment. We can offer programs for youth under 25 that offer life skills of first responders in safety with fire, traffic, medical, aviation, marine. These skills and notable certificates allow for more advanced training and real world recognition. These classes are low impact and can be […]

  • Core

    The ones that I see succeed all have several things in common— It’s tempting to start with as many folks as you know, but trust me, you’ll do better if you pick the BEST folks you know and then grow from there You don’t need a rocket scientist handling your paperwork, but find someone to […]

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  • Coming together with shoelaces

    Do we have 5 that will meet once a week and share their progress? I’ll track it and give everyone a report Good bad or indifferent we can grow as men by simply doing as the disciples did. The biggest churches came from either a one week visit by paul or a 1 year church […]

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  • Merry Christmas

    Happy Birthday Jesus and Captain Mike

  • I would like to help

    Children without beds. As I tour the community I learned so much about our precious resources. State property adjacent to private residence and federal property adjacent to county property and children without beds. I’m choosing to help Children without beds. Join me on this epic journey of helping, healing and honoring our greatest asset, our […]

  • Support the supporters

    Can we give veterans their special mailbox? USPS Citrus Countyplease and thank you. You know like they do with license tags. Jimmy Patronis can we afford this level of recognition? Will the USPS allow us to use mailboxes the way states use license vanity tags?

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