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    Teresa Adkins thanks mom! We faired the same as others in Florida. Red team put their differences to side and came together. That’s more important in the community than me winning. Common Unity = Community

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    Don’t let Diana win! Vote for Grogan

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  • When I was in Homosassa

    Paul Grogan your favorite candidate and I’m here to report to you what I saw on the campaign trail when I was in Homosassa I saw a people at the American Legion I saw people at the Eagles club I saw utility pole workers working on both sides of the road I saw librarians librarianing…

  • Policy questions from Max

    I am searching for your policies before election day and can’t find much. Would you please answer some questions for me? Will you fight to protect or improve: Veterans assistance? Improve Marriage equality? Protect Body autonomy? Protect Women’s healthcare? Protect Mental health care? Improve Housing assistance for the homeless? Improve Accessable education? Improve Please and…

  • Growing up Citrus

    A go to Community Imagine Indian mounds, mermaids, zip lines, horseback to the caves and swim with manatees, catch grouper, bass and still say there’s nothing to do Mom! That’s how I literally grew up… so she took us to the springs after rope swinging in the River

  • To American Legions

      October 25, 2022   Subject:  American Legions   Greetings American Legion members.   I am Paul Grogan and I am running for Citrus County Board of County Commissioners, D2.   My family and I will always have a sense of gratitude for your organization. It is my grandfather who instilled this pride and honor…

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