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Core Values


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Giving Back

Every civic, business, religious organization has a formula for giving back to our community. Common Unity = Community Our greatest intrinsic value is the ability to give back to the values we believe in locally. As your next commissioner I will make sure all the community gets to be involved and included in special events, processes and best practices, for the building, bonding and benefiting of the families units of Citrus County.

Paul Grogan Candidate for County Commissioner
Wifey Endorsed
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Common Sense Leadership

When we have the resources and we have the knowledge we should take action. I will be that commissioner that is first on scene for safety of our precious community. From the nursing homes to the nursing rooms we hold every life precious in its God given state and will promote healthy spaces throughout the county. No man, woman or child should be left behind. I will serve the community and every individual in it equally.

Information Integrity

Each department will show the level of integrity that brings history, honor and humility to our community.

When the last activity proceeds the next activity we’re using integrity in action based on our history, culture and GOD given benevolence. No longer the days of a singular virtue does a decision make.

As your humbled commissioner I will verify alignment with the people of our community. Making sure public notices are placed where the citizens are and all generations are represented in policies and procedures. I’ll even tell you what day we are mowing the grass in your neighborhood and confirm that it lines up with our holidays and special events. Then I will make sure your trash day matches your needs and we make that extra run when needed by allowing you to talk with someone if you have a special day in your family such as a birth, birthday, cultural holiday or hospitalization, which might mean a small family reunion.

I look at the commissioner chair as an opportunity to serve with integrity.

On the vision of integrity we already pay and use third party auditors and some state standardize systems. I will make sure you get those results along with any lessons learned or corrective actions taken.

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More about our community:

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