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  • I would like to help

    Children without beds. As I tour the community I learned so much about our precious resources. State property adjacent to private residence and federal property adjacent to county property and children without beds. I’m choosing to help Children without beds. Join me on this epic journey of helping, healing and honoring our greatest asset, our…

  • Support the supporters

    Can we give veterans their special mailbox? USPS Citrus Countyplease and thank you. You know like they do with license tags. Jimmy Patronis can we afford this level of recognition? Will the USPS allow us to use mailboxes the way states use license vanity tags?

  • Board meeting update 12072022 #248787 #CITRUS


  • 18332Citrus

    New number 18332Citrus (833) 224-8787

  • The biggest local problem is addiction (food, sex, drugs, money…)

    I don’t drinkI don’t republicanI don’t democrat You won’t find me in those circles. givingback Common Sense LeadershipInformation Integrity HealthSafetyEnvironmentQuality I’m a Citrus Countian

  • Inside Out Handyman

    Here’s his number for Inside Out Handyman (352) 257-3952 List of handyman services Here’s electrical work we CAN perform:• Change a lightbulb• Change outlet cover plates• Setup home theater components (as long as you aren’t running wires through the wall)• Hang a flat-screen TV on the wall• Set up wireless computer networks Here is the…

  • Classes

    We need to be able to sit down take a class the same way we sit down and watch a movie, I remember the movie more than the test I took that week!!!

  • How many books are in the Bible

    Nobody knows between 65 and 264.

  • Weekly Report

    Weekly District reports District 1Jeff District 2Diana District 3Ruthie District 4Rebecca District 5Holly CITRUS COUNTY DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEECHAIR Bob Madeiros 352-209-8651 citrusdecchair@gmail.comTREASURER John Comer 352-228-0503 johncitrus400@gmail.comSTATE COMMITTEEMAN Joseph Adams 352-302-0444 Joseph.adamssr@gmail.comSTATE COMMITTEEWOMAN Susan Reeder 352-563-9528 Sreeder1@embarqmail.com CITRUS COUNTY REPUBLICAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEECHAIR Mike Moberley 352-302-8064 chairman@rpocitrus.orgTREASURER Angela Vick 352-422-7309 ahvick@gmail.comSTATE COMMITTEEMAN George Gasparini 352-220-2333 statecommitteeman@rpocitrus.orgSTATE COMMITTEEWOMAN…

  • How I process information

    I Want__________. I Don’t want___________. I understand I have to give up . My Actions will be . I will have _ (Stepping Stones) to show achievement along the way. I have or know someone that has a Testimony about (What I want). I know Why I want it. There are some things I Don’t…

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