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Research, Billing, Timelines

Certainly! Here’s some information on research, billing, and timelines: Research: Conducting effective research involves gathering information through various sources and critically analyzing it. Proper research techniques include defining your research goals, gathering relevant data, evaluating and organizing the information, and drawing meaningful conclusions. It’s also important to use reliable sources and cite them appropriately. Research …

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Ten Sayin’s | My Lunch Basket

I Want__________. I Don’t want___________. I understand I have to give up _________. My Actions will be ________. I will have ____ (Stepping Stones) to show achievement along the way. I have or know someone that has a Testimony about __(What I want). I know Why I want it. There are some things I Don’t do. I Share/… …

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Book progress

If you do audio books in the car running errands you could tackle 2-4 books a week, plus 1-2 hours of reading will equal less than an hour a day, so you can digest 15-20 books a month. Helpful tips: Read first thing with or without coffee. Every car ride is the next book or …

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