This week in history

Y’all doing last supper before crucifixion Friday and resurrecting Sunday

Have a blessed day and think of Christ in chains next to Barabbas and they say pick left or right meanwhile behind the curtain Judas contemplating suicide. Several claiming they don’t know the prisoner, while people that knew nothing offered water 💦 and comfort along the walk of the cross. Strangers helping the suffering.

He freed the murderer, forgave the thief’s, helped the faithful, healed the sick, removed the demons, and brought order and direction to many people who wanted hope, faith and charity from God and beyond.

Are you hiding from the Jews, Romans and Greeks or are you speaking in the synagogues and learning centers of the day?

Are you telling some they can not come in or are you in saying you can’t hang out with the Samaritans?

On this week we remember the people who lived and walk in the land of the messiah.

40 days after will be how History gets made. The reflections, inspiration and emotions left by Jesus Christ.


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