Inside Out Handyman

List of handyman services

Here’s electrical work we CAN perform:
• Change a lightbulb
• Change outlet cover plates
• Setup home theater components (as long as you aren’t running wires through the wall)
• Hang a flat-screen TV on the wall
• Set up wireless computer networks

Here is the small list of plumbing work we CAN do:
• Add a water filter to a faucet
• Install or repair irrigation systems that have a back-flow preventer (But you’d need a licensed plumber to hook the system up to the potable water line. You can’t tap into any potable water lines without being a licensed plumber.)

Here’s some work we CAN do as a handyman in Florida:
• Paint
• Install cabinets
• Repair fences
• Repair doors & windows
• Install wood or tile flooring
• Install insulation
• Install a driveway or tile walkway
• Install awnings that do not become permanent fixtures to the structure
• Clean swimming pools (no chemical work allowed)
• Lawn maintenance
• Basic landscaping such as planting plants (no grading)
• Build a pre-fabricated shed less than 250 sq feet.






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