When I was in Homosassa

Paul Grogan your favorite candidate and I’m here to report to you what I saw on the campaign trail when I was in Homosassa

I saw a people at the American Legion

I saw people at the Eagles club

I saw utility pole workers working on both sides of the road

I saw librarians librarianing

I saw people minding their own business

I saw people

Driving boats

driving tractor

driving scooters

driving golf cart

I saw people driving around town in Homosassa

I saw a coffee dogs new coffeehouse

I saw city workers working

I saw Parks and Recreation working

I saw people eating breakfast and wondering where they were going to eat lunch

I saw businesses that were being told to make the front door the back door

I saw people who wanna make a change

I saw people who are making things grow all when I was in Homosassa.

Paul in Homosassa





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