To American Legions


October 25, 2022


Subject:  American Legions


Greetings American Legion members.


I am Paul Grogan and I am running for Citrus County Board of County Commissioners, D2.


My family and I will always have a sense of gratitude for your organization. It is my grandfather who instilled this pride and honor as a Pearl Harbor survivor. It is he who went forth to raise awareness of the situation that he experienced during World War II while serving in the Pacific.  His many stories of this time and his involvement with the American Legion gave our family a sense of pride because it meant so much to his fellow soldiers to hear these stories. My family was enthralled to hear the stories and to realize how much my grandfather gave up to then return home to serve in another capacity – that of story teller.

My family is aware of the sacrifices made and the dedication put forth for the American way of life. We are humbled by his dedication to memories and his willingness to share.


I write this letter to ask for your vote on November 8 so that I may serve in still another capacity,  to continue to make Citrus County a better place to live and work and play. Members of my family have served and now it is my time to continue this service to Citrus County.


I would be grateful to have this vote.


In service to all,


Paul Grogan, Captain Merchant Marines





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