Our trees

Did you know half the trees planted by non profits and city governments die within the first year? That’s billions of dollars in environmental money, countless hours and resources wasted. And in some cases, there’s even Environmental Awards given to non-profits killing well over 50% of their trees planted too.

This past June, the MIT Technology Review released a report that maybe should be looked at as a model for everything wrong with the carbon credit system here in the ESG Economy, and quite frankly, the United States of America. Europe too.

The study highlights the case of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, a 125-year-old conservation non-profit that protects some 38,000 acres of land. Click here for the study.

Back in 2015, Mass Audubon informed the California Air Resources Board that it could log 9,700 acres of the land it owned, but that it would not do so, and therefore qualified to receive some 600,000 carbon credits from the state of California.

The short version of the story is this. Mass Audubon persuaded an appointed government agency to pay them for not doing something they were not going to do.

The little-bit-longer version is when this story gets interesting.  



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