The truth will set you free!

It’s grassroots I’m not succumbing to their economic pressure when businesses are just getting back on their feet and inflation is taking a toll on their clients.

My page says you do not need to donate to vote and you do not need to collect funds to be a candidate. Those are party agenda items where they tell new candidates to spend money with party favorites.

Here’s a fact the other candidates spent over 100,000 combined and I didn’t ask anyone else for funds. It’s a local race not a regional or state or national where you have to get word out to a lot of people.

Good people know who good people are. I won’t waste money in my grassroots campaign and I won’t waste money as your next County Commissioner. 81,000 to paint a square building (county building) their campaign money could have went for that.

Let’s stop the flooding, start finishing the job!

Motto: Just Serve

Mission: Making Citrus County the Best Ever!!!





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