The chronicle is trying to give us free press

Interesting, nothing to my knowledge. I am running to replace Ron Kitchen Jr’s open seat.

I communicate with many people everyday and I will continue to run a grassroots campaign where I’m encouraging my constituents to give to their local charities. (Stay tuned more to be revealed.)

You’ll find on my blog, and in the statues it’s not a requirement to donate to vote. Neither is it a requirement to collect money to be a candidate.

Let’s start putting our community first. I have been contacted by several advertisers and promoters. As a grassroots campaign we will not succumb to pressures of outsider to keep our focus off the community and the supporters that are feeling the full effects of inflation and their donations.

It’s difficult on one hand to visit 100+ local businesses and then have advertisers and marketers say you’re not available. That being the case I understand.

At home: I have 5 children, 3 dogs and goldfish somewhere upstairs.
We operate
We have InnerBeautyMinistry inc operating a church as Inside Out Assembly.

I run a 20 page blog about Citrus County, Florida the place I love.

We are looking for volunteers for campaign during the sign holding and polling stations. We have some shirts being produced and looking at a responsible way to recycle signs and so far there is no practical practice, they just go in the garage. was one of my first attempts to raise awareness in the community. That was over 10 years ago.

I was part of Hernando Heritage Council and donated a pig for pulled pork sandwiches, they said our single contribution was the best donation. (We was removing the asbestos and paint on the windows.) this project is still incomplete as of my last visit 3 weeks ago.

We can call this the the Family Resource issue. The children’s school (head start program) there; was not replaced even though there is space in the main building.

Our county elections are solid and we can be assured that every vote matters. Where we are in the election cycle is voter registration specifically new residents (they are a bit confused on 10 year old issues like water infrastructure and subsurface road construction.)

My interactions is throughout the county and digital, some of my blog slogans are A River of Opportunity another News Without Walls another Beauty Starts Inside another A Place for Family and Friends and The Perfect Lunch Basket.

I’m opposed to unnecessary clearing of land.
I support increasing the number of containers for refuse along water ways and retention ponds.

I have intentionally blocked Chronicle contacts and actively promoted and encouraged a second news publication to share the good news in Citrus County.

I encourage you to shut down ink printing and paper waste without responsible recycling. That means every paper you throw out (on the driveways) you should go collect back





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