County Property

In every county, there must be a county seat where the principal offices and permanent records of
all the county officers must be located.

6 Counties in Florida have the express statutory power to “provide
9P0F P
and maintain county buildings.”

7 Furthermore, the county commission has the sole authority to allocate
9P1F P
space in county buildings to the various county officials and, in the absence of fraud or abuse of that
discretion, such a determination will not be interfered with.

8 In addition, the county can also provide and
2P9F P
P89F P
maintain county buildings;

9 hospitals;

10 parks, preserves, playgrounds, recreation areas, libraries,
5P9F P
P93F P
49PF P

11and roads, bridges, tunnels and related facilities.

12 Purchase. Counties have the express authority to purchase real property for a public purpose.

9P7F P
All appraisals, offers, and counteroffers must be in writing. They are not, however, available for public disclosure or inspection, and they are exempt from the public records law until an option contract is executed, or if no option contract is executed, until 30 days before a contract or agreement for purchase is
considered for approval by the board of county commissioners.





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