Response to road safety

Yes I also discuss this with Sugarmill Woods residents. All Districts should have proper amenities linking recreation with residential. County Roads and pathways can be done with cooperation of the community and State roads require a request.

As the master plan is reviewed we can ensure the health, safety, environmental and quality of life are first class in our community.

I personally bicycle every day when I’m not on the water.

I will meet the needs of the community.

No man, woman or child left behinds.

For the family (s) that lost a loved one through the neglect and planning committees dropping the ball, let us pray that our next leadership includes these life threatening and life taking situations out of our community.

Do you know they have existing 26 miles of bicycle trails that go no where, don’t connect to anything and are on a dead end road, we can easily reallocate our existing mileage of bicycle trail to more practical use.

Now that’s Common Sense Leadership.

Also we will get with Sheriffs safety division and see what they have in place for increased visibility such as high visibility vest, flags and equipment that has integrity for visibility.

These matters would also include all our city, county and state bus drivers; showing our common unity and asking real drivers that really know our roads.

Previous administration and planning committee might be top down leadership, with me all our board members can help solve real Life issues, right here at home.


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