Reel Agenda

Reel Agenda

Citrus County. Citrus County lifestyle: it’s not what you see on TV or what you’re reading in books. It is different because it is Citrus County.

We don’t need more jobs we need more businesses in Citrus County. We don’t need more workers we need more bosses.

Citrus County we don’t need somebody else’s agenda or do it the way the other counties are doing it. We can lead this state this great state of Florida into a whole other way of living based on Florida lifestyle.

We don’t have to follow corporate America or the underbelly of urban communities! We can live and thrive and be who we are as Citrus Countians. What we do not need is more jobs or more taxes. We need more businesses that means business owners and the ability to own operate and grow those businesses right here at home.

Let’s do this!!!

Paul is growing our economy not our government.


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