I will be the leadership I want to see in the community.

Candidate for County Commissioner

How do I talk to leaders about hiring locals to play music, work events and use talents already here? How do we explain to elected officials that we have qualified people already in our community? Acres of diamonds right in our community. They just want to point out spelling and grammar errors and lack of culture outside the community.

We have state senator, authors, dynamic leaders, chef, artist, some of the best educators on state standards and we place our citizens in Ivy League schools, we work hard and look for respect as reciprocity. Altruism as a daily motivator and taking care of family.
Many of us know our neighbors, Church members, civic group, co workers as brothers and sisters. Sharing our good and bad moments. We have a loving community.
It is shadowed by a bitter and nasty nature when only one party gets to call the shots and real change doesn’t happen, the biggest challenge was hiring outside staff and locals suing and winning when the local officials refuse to respect the employees and the citizens input and contributions.

We have good programs locally and some folks want that to go away.





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