Health Safety Environmental and Quality of life.

Health Safety Environmental and Quality of life.

◦ Health all roads lead to health. This includes pathways, bicycle trails and waterways. We must have access to medical facilities.

◦ Safety Speed is a sign of anger and resentment. Talking to fast, moving too fast, accusations to fast are all unsafe Our departement heads can review the speed that we accomplish task and match that up with reasonable expectations, an example is when supervisors give employees an extra two weeks for holiday decorations. Let’s be responsible with everyone’s time.

◦ Environmental- 3 miles from nearest land. Using and enforcing existing codes can effect our desired outcome. Don’t be a litter bug or a trashy mouth. If you’re 3 miles from the closest land you can and will get a fine. CFR, Marpol along with state and local ordinances are in place. We have always had an honor system and it works for locals. I once asked a person I respected how do you think we can stop litterbugs. He said keep the people away. We have been able to do that until recent. Environmental concerns require warning signs, labeling and holding everyone accountable.

◦ Quality God, Family, County you should be able to follow your constitution towards liberty and your pursuit with the confidence that your health, safety and environment will be respected, honored and humbly in place.

There are a lot of different moving parts in these equations, I at the foremost see the role of commissioner as an integral part of the citizens Health, Safety, Environment and Quality of life.

I’m just not about the money or the manipulation of master plans. When we don’t have positive intentions we can not get positive results. Our leaders are responsible for the alignment of our core values and the plans we make should reflect that plan. Not zoning for 3 generations from now without making it healthier, safer and environmentally enriching with quality as our focus. I’ll end with this several 300 plus year old buildings got built on a simple set of principles as followed Do no harm, do good and love thy neighbors. Now that’s something I can go for, we can lead the state in and together everyone achieves more. Community First.


Common Sense Leadership

Information Integrity

These will make us the “Best Ever”.

Paul Grogan Candidate for County Commissioner

Vote Paul Grogan for County Commissioner!

I will work for you!!!





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