Why I’m in the race (reply)

Jayne Stanley once we get through primaries (encourage citizens to vote 🗳) then we will have a good platform to share from about the different ways we can go about growing our community, uniting our families and allowing for new growth to empower a new generation of citizens.

Currently we are an average age of 57 in some districts it is over 60 with a growing population of under 30 (small families). School age children are the way we are measuring that number. Having that information (a real number) we can make real decisions.

Using best practices we can creating a solid work force for those school graduates to have the ability to work skilled jobs such as aviation, medical, construction lead roles, and marine science.

On the board there are currently a medical, construction, aviation and golf/ recreation represented.

I believe in our district, not just the county we do not have a Maritime (includes transportation and logistics) on the committees or advisory boards.

We have a lot of water in our area and we are a Gulf Coast community. I grew up and played on all of them and have work in the Gulf of Mexico for 20 plus years. I know from first hand experience how rapid growth effects families and community.

A well prepared community can unite using common sense leadership.

We are a county and a nation of #givingback to our local communities. The principle of giving and receiving can be very beneficial to all if our programs are enriched by our leaders. As a platform we all agree on that. The question will be should we continue to funnel it through programs like United Way, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA or parks and recreations, start ups non profits like Caylas coats? Together as a community with 2 way conversations our community can decide. I will vote for the best choice of you the citizen.


To local, organic programs (not just corporate sponsored) so all generations can give and receive.

Common Sense Leadership

Making sure all generations are represented and empowered by our elected officials (people like me). A well rounded board can do that. The citizen can decide, not the individual.
We have lots of resources known and unknown to the public that can be used to continue to improve our quality of life and environment.

Information Integrity

When I’m in office and working for you I will be open with 2 way communication, resources and sharing where the decisions are being based on. Principle centered and faith based creating a system where we learn from our past and try not to repeat it.

In summary I’m here to work for you to make sure the job gets done. I’m not affiliated with any special interest groups, civic organizations, charities, previous NGO or government boards. I have no side agenda only to serve the people based on our constitution.

On matter of politics and money, that’s all recorded and the money voted on and even received needs to be used properly, where it’s allocated and in a timely manner. Currently the board is not keeping pace with our community. I can and I will lead our families in to a bright future.





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