How do we achieve our goals?

I know a lot of times people come up on the microphone and they talk about their ideas agenda with the for and what they’re against. Let’s talk about how do we achieve our goals when we use the smart method specific measurable achievable relevant time bound.

A lot of times people will say well I got a system I’m gonna use it that’s how I achieve my goal. It’s like saying that I have a program and I’m gonna work this program and you know that’s how I’m going to accomplish the score and then they end up getting stuck working the program and figuring the program out.

That’s not what we’re gonna do here we’re gonna follow a standard. That standard is known as What this is gonna do for you guys is give you a tool so that you can see all the departments how the departments fit in and then you’ll also see how the citizens fits in.

I believe we can start with an ISO 9000 working to an ISO 14,000 and then go into the ISO/IEC 27,001.

There’s another layer that’s not talked about a lot called ISO 31,000 this is where they take the 9000 14,000 and integrate the different program so you will end up having your safety OSHA standards overlapping into the environmental protection side and then you look at the quality management aspects.

So in about 2008 I started on a forum with Alex Dali, and we started talking about how the ISO had these different standards but they didn’t really have a way where they integrate together some of the standards for conflicting needs.

This message and this level of leader ship can take us beyond the scope that we know right now and it will allow us to create these living documents that not only protect us from our own shortcomings it also gives us a sense of direction and purpose.

Some might say what is this young 49-year-old know about anything why does he think he’s got the right to be right. I’ve lived it, I watched them put ships together and I watched and put ports together and watch them put whole supply change together. The organization that were using this form of standardization out perform the other organizations by 85%.

This is where the information integrity fits and it tells you where you were at and then it tells us where we’re at now and it tells us where we can go if we choose to.

The reason this works so well for the companies to implement it is because behind it they had common sense leadership and something works for the organization they use it if it doesn’t work they record it and then don’t use it again and that’s common sense leadership.

Through the specific measurable achievable and relevant time bound measures we can bring Citrus County to where you guys want it to be where I want to be and where it can be.

Vote for Paul Grogan county commissioner district 2





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