Where can Citrus County go?

Where are we going as a community? People keep asking me what can you do for the community? This community is like a tree and it has roots and has fruits that are strong and they’re being established and there’s some people who want to bring in another tree or remove the roots.

OK let’s get some principles out-of-the-way first things first is god family country so we want to have more of that. With that we can create this multi generational community. Back to the tree analogy; telling about parent fruits right? The fruit trees produce flowers and flowers you know need certain arrangements so that they can blossom. We can do this. Just for clarity we have people that want to remove the roots of the tree. We know what it does and what works.

We help the families (tree) grow. We get them on the opportunity to start the business! We give them the opportunity to add an additional room on. We give them that opportunity to build a house next-door. At the end of the day opportunity stands for other people, port or safe harbor and unity as in common unity equals community.

O – other p – people port – safe harbor Unity – common unity = community

That’s where we are going as a community uplifting God, family and country.





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