Reply to Jayne Stanley

Jayne Stanley

We have Aviation, Construction, Code regulations, Medical, Golf, represented on the board.

With medical academy, the hammer academy for construction, and a growing aviation community we still want a Marine background.

After all we are a Gulf Coast Community and we do have a lot of water around us.

It makes common sense to add a maritime perspective to all these leadership boards.

Not so much for change, more for preservation and actual sub sea knowledge/ experience.

With my network of engineers, geologist and ocean going friends I can offer a practical and substantive perspective.

On the ship you can go to the Captain or Chief Mate and get it all done.

We plan, coordinate, listen, order, receive and help in all departments to get the job down safely.

The higher cognitive thinking and planning for everything needed during each voyage requires tenacity and attention to detail. Whilst at the same time a ship and and it’s crew must flex with the sea, weather and personal strengths and witnesses. All while maintaining a professional demeanor.

With 10 years in hospitality management including Hotels and Resorts
(Includes Central Motel and Marriott in Ocala plus 5yrs at Marriott Resort in Panama City, Fl.) I can surely bring the friendly atmosphere that is necessary with upset and over zealous individuals using LEARN method.

Meanwhile, maintaining the core mission of our counties growth. The entire hotel operates smoothly while the guest grievances are meet with sincerity and respect! Using SMART method.

Still working on dyslexia and my glasses. Sorry about any typos

Second Response, less formal.

Jayne Stanley this is all about flow and opening up to the concept that we’re going to be a multi generational community not just retirees and start a family so that process you’re gonna grow your family here and then you’re gonna have visitors so right now we don’t have the infrastructure for example a place for a family reunion in Citrus County we don’t have that facility or let’s say that we want to sponsor a major sport event in the region for the State of Florida soccer baseball we have some of those facilities but we don’t have all the facilities for those people’s needs. and then on the West Coast of our county they talk about how people come for a day but they don’t stay in it it’s kind of because they don’t have a place to stay and the other thing is is that they don’t know that there’s other things to do the zip line in the horseback riding The novelty shops the hands-on painting the art theater like people don’t know that that’s here because they come for the water activities or they come for the event or they come for the University the college classes but they don’t know there’s other things here because we were running it to accommodation of each board does their own thing and minds certain business





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