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Dear 2022 local candidates,


You may have seen that the Chamber will be holding a luncheon forum on Friday, July 8, at Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club for the BOCC candidates running in the primary election.


Although you are not part of the forum process, it is the Chamber’s policy to invite all candidates to attend this luncheon event.  This special luncheon will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a half-hour for networking before lunch is served.  Introductions will be made at the beginning of the luncheon and you will be invited to stand as your name and candidacy is announced.  


The lunch is $25/person ($20/person if you are a Chamber member).  To reserve your space, you may do so online here, or by calling Erin at 352-795-3149.  If you call to reserve your space, please let Erin know that you are reserving as a candidate so she can note it on your registration.


We hope to see you on July 8!





Ardath Prendergast

Vice President / Operations & BRE

Citrus County Chamber of Commerce

915 N. Suncoast Blvd.

Crystal River, FL 34429






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