Kevin K.O. Olusola tweeted: NEW VIDEO! A medley of my favorite @Adele songs! Hope y’all love it and share it!

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Kevin K.O. Olusola @KOlusola NEW VIDEO! A medley of my favorite @Adele songs! Hope y’all love it and share it! View on Twitter

Scott Hoying @scotthoying 2 inspiring sessions today. so creatively charged I could die ✨💀✨ View on Twitter

Pitbull Updates .com @pitbull_updates It’s #PitbullDay in Las Vegas!Celebrate by having a glass of Voli and listening to your favorite @pitbull tunes!😉 View on Twitter

Pink History @PinkHistory On This Day in #PinkHistory 11th March 2006 @Pink performed Stupid Girls at Wok-WM Music Festival in Austria View on Twitter

Sarah Silverman @SarahKSilverman #imwithher has such a gorgeous, empowering feel to it, but the clunky truth is,#imwiththesocialistjew View on Twitter

SportsCenter @SportsCenter LeBron has 28 million Twitter followers. And he keeps making ’em all curse their phones at the exact same time. View on Twitter

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