Plantation Dive Shop tweeted: Manatee Traffic Jam!!! @PlantationOnCR @baresports @GoPro #manatees #hero4 #LoveFL #crystalriver

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Plantation Dive Shop @ManateeTour Manatee Traffic Jam!!! @PlantationOnCR @baresports @GoPro #manatees #hero4 #LoveFL #crystalriver View on Twitter

Lady Gaga @ladygaga Happy Birthday @KeshaRose may you get EVERYTHING you want and more. 🤘🏽❤️ View on Twitter

Kim Kardashian West @KimKardashian About last night-This was the moment right before Sacha showed us the CRAZIEST scene from "The Brothers Grimbsy" 😂😂😂 View on Twitter

NASA @NASA Today, @StationCDRKelly returns home to Earth. Here are crazy facts about his #YearInSpace:… View on Twitter

Blake Shelton @blakeshelton Today’s the day, @SmithworksVodka is officially here! #VodkaCountry #MySmithworksFamily… View on Twitter

Hoda Kotb @hodakotb Happy Tuesday! View on Twitter

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