P!nk tweeted: I was inspired by @KevinHart4real to break down my workout. Thanks @JeanetteJenkins #whysoserious #closecalls #getit

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P!nk @Pink I was inspired by @KevinHart4real to break down my workout. Thanks @JeanetteJenkins #whysoserious #closecalls #getit View on Twitter

Visit Central FL @VisitCentralFL Saturday, @WWAmpSoftball, comprised of Iraq and Afghanistan Vets, take on Senior Softball-USA players in Auburndale. ow.ly/XZIV5 View on Twitter

Robert Downey Jr @RobertDowneyJr You’ve got a friend in…..oh, wait. #CivilWar View on Twitter

Anna Kendrick @AnnaKendrick47 I know, I just DGAF View on Twitter

Rihanna @rihanna See y’all at the #GRAMMYs February 15 on @CBS at 8e/5p!! View on Twitter

solange knowles @solangeknowles Hoping this key gets me into Leah Chase’s kitchen at least 3 times a week❤️❤️Truly an honor. Thanks Mayor Landrieu! View on Twitter

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