Visit Central FL tweeted: .@MyOfficeandMore is new to @DowntownLkld & in the most perfect location ever for locals and travelers! #lkld

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Visit Central FL @VisitCentralFL .@MyOfficeandMore is new to @DowntownLkld & in the most perfect location ever for locals and travelers! #lkld View on Twitter

Los Angeles Times @latimes Did Donald Trump just call for Republican unity on "Jimmy Kimmel Live?" View on Twitter

Scott Hoying @scotthoying Today is our LAST show of 2015! This last tour run has been such an amazing way to end the year 😍 View on Twitter

Snoop Dogg @SnoopDogg s/o 2 the young neff 4 using tech to make a safer gun n stop gun violence . checc him out here:… View on Twitter

Glamour @glamourmag Wait—@GiGiHadid’s @TommyHilfiger news is exciting for beauty lovers too! Here’s why: View on Twitter

Kirstin Maldonado @kirstin_taylor I think I’m emotionally and physically drained at this point. Good thing it’s the last day before break 😭❤️✨🎉See you soon, Kansas City! ❤️ View on Twitter

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