This Is Acting by Sia on iTunes

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Via iTunes This Is Acting by Sia on iTunes sia is tweeting about this. @Water 663 million people lack access to safe @Water, but we can be the generation that ends the water crisis. #FridayFact YouTube View on Twitter

xtine friar official @christinefriar i went to beyonce’s dad’s self help seminar and learned so much… View on Twitter

SportsCenter @SportsCenter SEC QBs to account for 100+ total TD in their career:Welcome to the club, Dak Prescott. View on Twitter

Britney Spears @britneyspears Got the best surprise from @IamStevenT!! 😉 🎤🎉 I know he’s got something crazy planned! #IsThisThingOnST #Nov9 View on Twitter

Shane Tarleton @StarletonEnt Happy bday gorgeous @BarbaraDBrooks such a fun night celebrating YOU!!!! View on Twitter

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