Phillip Phillips tweeted: Here’s a look out our wedding! We loved it so much.

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Phillip Phillips @Phillips Here’s a look out our wedding! We loved it so much.… View on Twitter

daniel tosh @danieltosh here’s the backstory on why tonight’s dolphins/patriots game means even more to me than usual. View on Twitter

Aben Eubanks @abeneubanks #tbt Carol King tribute with @kelly_clarkson on @TheGRAMMYs View on Twitter

Carrie Underwood @carrieunderwood You’re welcome. #BlondesHaveMoreFun @BradPaisley View on Twitter

PETA @peta RT if you’ll make this promise to your cats for #NationalCatDay. View on Twitter

CNN @CNN Cat videos. All day, right meow. 5 ways to celebrate #NationalCatDay View on Twitter

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