P!nk tweeted: I want to be a parrot head #vegas #jimmybuffett #winning

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P!nk @Pink I want to be a parrot head #vegas #jimmybuffett #winning View on Twitter

Matt Morrow @TheMattMorrow Who do you know in Boston? I will be there this week! #lifematters fb.me/6PeCwtekA View on Twitter

Jim Gaffigan @JimGaffigan LIVE on #Periscope: At NYJvsWAS periscope.tv/w/aPO-rTczOTE0… View on Twitter

ShareALittleSunshine @ShareALittleSun Watching football on TV and forget it’s getting cold everywhere else but their coats remind us. #lovefl View on Twitter

ESPN @espn Depending on where you live, you may not have a choice in which NFL games you watch: es.pn/1ju61n6 View on Twitter

Jillian Barberie @askjillian First time in my new bath!!!!!!! Yep. It’s the small things. View on Twitter

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