ESPN tweeted: A Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch? Let’s hope not, says Bernard Hopkins. Here’s why:

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ESPN @espn A Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch?Let’s hope not, says Bernard Hopkins. Here’s why: ESPN View on Twitter

Seth Meyers @sethmeyers Last night’s #Deskalogue Last nights’ Debate Recap YouTube View on Twitter

Via everydayhero IE Help support Tony Ward’s 2015 New York City marathon challenge make a difference Great Minds Quotes is tweeting about this. Read more

Positively Positive @PosPositive How to Tell Whether You’re Content or Just Being Complacent. by @melissa_jydl View on Twitter

WA Emergency Mgmt @waEMD In 1 hour, it’s #shakeout time! Recordings help make experience more realistic #washakeout… View on Twitter

Eric Fisher @ericfisher For fun, here’s @weatherbell’s winter temp outlook vs NOAA’s. I’d lean more toward WxBell at the moment. View on Twitter

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