P!nk tweeted: Check out Episode 1 of 3 of @hartluck ride to Sturgis with all his boys ❤️

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P!nk @Pink Check out Episode 1 of 3 of @hartluck ride to Sturgis with all his boys ❤️ YouTube View on Twitter

Chris Brown @chrisbrown this is very deep YouTube View on Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow Happy birthday, @jasonderulo. I found a new fan of yours. Watch the whole video on ellentube: http://ellen…. Vine View on Twitter

Thomas Kennedy @thomaskennedyfl Students apply now to be a House Page or Messenger, deadline approaches; thomastalks.org/?p=7311 @JimmieTSmith View on Twitter

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump I just wrapped up a Q&A @TwitterNYC. Thanks for all your questions! #AskTrump View on Twitter

Danielle Bradbery @DBradbery Loved hanging with @k105fm this weekend! Thanks for all the #FRIENDZONE support! View on Twitter

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