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logo-1400528502322.png Hi mary jane jlcott,
We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect new features we’re testing (starting in the U.S.) to allow you to buy merchandise from some of the most popular names on Twitter, without leaving the Twitter experience.
The Terms of Service update introduces terms covering the use of our commerce offerings. The new terms also describe your relationship with merchandise sellers, including their responsibility for order fulfillment, shipping and returns.
And since you’ll need to provide certain information to make a purchase, such as a credit card number and shipping address, the Privacy Policy update includes new sections on that information. You’ll also see provisions relating to commerce services that we’ll be testing in the future, like special offers you can redeem at select stores using your credit card.
We’ve also updated the Privacy Policy to clarify how other parts of our services work, including:
That we may request additional account information to help us prevent spam, fraud or abuse.
The broad audiences that receive public user profile information and public Tweets, including search engines, developers and publishers.
The types of non-private or non-personal information that is shared with others, including reports to advertisers about the performance of their advertising campaigns.
How we collect certain types of information, including location information (such as through IP address or nearby access points), and information when you install another application through Twitter.
That we may share data with our corporate affiliates consistent with our respective privacy policies, for example, if you use your Twitter credentials to login to Vine, our short looping video service, or to provide better ads through MoPub, our mobile-focused advertising exchange.
We’ve always got more exciting product news coming, so keep your eye on the Official Twitter Blog or follow @twitter for the latest. Thanks for using Twitter!
— The Twitter Team
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