Photos from Rosetta space probe, updates on General Greene shooting, Russia could be poised to invade Ukraine

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Spacecraft Pulls Alongside Comet
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finals_reasonably_small.png finals_reasonably_small.png 7a366ac8d0f934b5318e721ba049e9b1_reasonably_small.png The New York Times, The New York Times and more are tweeting about this.
Army General Harold Greene Was Shot in Back Four Times
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NATO says Russia could be poised to invade Ukraine
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North_Star_by_DW_reasonably_small.JPG 1008914c0ae75c9efb5f9c0161fce9a2_reasonably_small.png 1008914c0ae75c9efb5f9c0161fce9a2_reasonably_small.png NATOSource, Reuters Top News and more are tweeting about this.
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