1348 West Milan Lane Hernando, FL 34442

CAREER PROFILE Experienced Mariner with a commitment to ensuring vessel and crew safety, as well as preserving the health of oceans and inhabitants. Strong leader and communicator with sold boat handling and maintenance skills. Able to handle physical requirements and proficiently operate in marine environments. I am looking to secure a responsible, challenging position which will enable the opportunity to utilize and enhance demonstrated skills with the potential for growth and success through advancement.


• Vessel Safety • Inspection/Testing • Vessel Navigation

• Communication Skills • Dynamic Positioning • Environmental Awareness

• Leadership • High-Impact Decision Making


ECO Boat Company 2000 to 2010 100 ton Master, 500 ton/ 3000 itc Mate, DP unlimited

 Inspect, maintain, and test safety and lifesaving equipment, fire-fighting equipment and systems, navigational lights, ships whistle, fog horn, and search and signal lights.  Responsible for the cleaning, painting, and general housekeeping to provide sanitary conditions on the vessel.  Inspect and test the internal communications system and the general alarm system.  Assist the Captain in preparing the vessel for scheduled inspections and surveys.  Ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel, safety of passengers, vessel and crew.  Conduct drills, exhibit leadership and proper decision making in all situations, participate in yearly inspections.  Advise the Captain of changes in the material condition of the vessel.  Responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel while serving as the Officer of the Deck.  Keep proper logs and documentation, upholding manning requirements, and reporting to the Captain. Evaluate operational needs in all weather conditions.  Responsible for the assignment of crew members to handle lines for the mooring of the vessel as well as navigation, safety, set-up, and maintenance,  Responsible for taking the initiative to direct the actions of personnel at the scene of any emergency (in charge of the emergency squad).  Ensure that areas of responsibility are secured for adverse weather.  Provide first aid to injured personnel according to training or directions from the Captain.  Assumes command of the vessel if the Captain is incapacitated.  Operate efficiently within budget constraints. Work with schedule and known performance to maximize profitability and passenger satisfaction.  Train, supervise, and perform as needed general maintenance (upkeep of emergency and navigational equipment, furniture repair).


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