There is no such thing as starvation, there is only destruction of the terrain. Fix this and you eliminate poverty.

This leads to portion control and sub-stains of life as we know it. The right of ownership and the ownership of right vs wrong. What is it that we posses and is it worth sharing? When we do share does it diminish our portion? The seed does not know when to stop growing and we see the tree or the rose and say it is no longer a seed, if it is fed it will grow. Does the rosé starve? Is the rosé in poverty, compared to other roses? So the weed comes at the base of the rose and it flourishes and the rose fades; is not the weed striving, I mean starving? We remove the weed and the rose is no longer in poverty, because the terrain is safer. Protect the terrain, nurture the environment and that which should grow will grow deeply. Ignore the terrain, or neglect it and find poverty : where one thing flourishes and another does not.

Some say co-exist, the poor and rich, whilst others say they choose to be free. Free of what, weeds or roses? Perhaps both.

Neither rich nor poor I go amongst the people of the land as an equal and I say I am neither the seed nor the tree, I am the soil on which it grows.

Who wishes to be worthless dirt and say nay that I am dirt poor, yet most houses require dirt for their foundation and dirt to shape the parking lot. So we say we must build a wall to hold the dirt and keep the weeds and the roses out, for the purpose is to hide the dirt with melted rock that forms a square or rectangle so that the poor can have a place to nest and we say we care. Poverty; and we destroy the land that was once a farm. So there is no such thing as starvation, only the terrain which is not cared for properly.

So we see the children of our own nation knowing nothing else but the environment they live in and they say I see nothing wrong with the missing weeds and roses. Our bodies and our minds are full of seeds, and the terrain is being weeded out, our inner beauty is unknown. What can we do and how can we change. Protect the terrain. Be poor no more. #MyLunchBasket



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